A complex setup for Privacy & Anonymity using Nginx reverse proxy



First of all I don’t wanna use Cloudflare. So, using CF is not an option.

My goal is to make the origin server IP anonymous/hidden. I don’t care about DDOS protection. My one and only goal is to make the origin ip hidden.

So, basically I need to 2 servers. For example, let’s say:

I have a VPS from DigitalOcean or Vultr. (high config)
Another VPS from an offshore hosting provider (low config, because all it gonna do is pass the request to origin server, right?)

In that way:

client -> offshore server -> origin server.

The client will never get the origin server IP or details. :wink:


  1. I will be using RunCloud in both server to make my life easier.
  2. I need to pass the “client ip” from “offshore server” to “origin server” because of Firewall.
  3. SSL…!

Why I need it:

  1. This is gonna save me 50% cost.
  2. Flexibility.

Is it possible…? practically…? What other problems I will be facing…?


It is possible.

Just run nginx in proxy mode, set it to pass all requests to your origin IP and set the remote IP to client in the config.


How about Digital ocean Floating IP?


DO is a company from US company. There is no privacy.


You may use Sucuri. It will hide all IP address.


I don’t trust any company from US