Any ACT fibrenet customers here?


We need some feedback about their service quality. Please do share your feedback in the following areas:

  1. Connection Reliability
  2. Resolution Time
  3. Speed


I use Airtel but I have recently used ACT for about 6 days… Speed was consistent but I don’t know why the WiFi stopped for about 2 3 mins, three four times a day.

Download and upload speed was good though.


We are using 1Gbps plan for 6 months,
we do experienced some downtime,
sometimes it took 2 days to resolve the issue.
Speed is excellent.
Overall you can go with ACT.


The guy was talking about some server updates which sometimes cause that but if it is 3 4 times a day then it is really bad.


Damn lucky you!
Here in Delhi they’re offering 150/150 (symmetric) for residential use.
We are going for their business plan (same speed, 99.995% uptime commitment)
They are taking forever to commence the installation though.
They installed fibre 1 week after booking and still the activation is pending since yesterday.


Yes, this never happens with my Airtel.

And this was the experience of Bangalore circle. Don’t know about their service in Delhi.


Airtel has it’s own caveats.
E.g. they still don’t support IPv6


Any clue if ACT really blocks torrents or it is just me having issues for torrents not downloading?


It is not availabe in my area. I use other network.