How do you backup a Dedicated Server?


So, I’m using a dedicated server and managing it through RunCloud. The apps which are using wordpress are backed up through backupbuddy.

But how do you backup the whole server? incase anything goes south?

what’s the best tool (free), out there?


Even I am interested to know.
How to take backup of whole server in Dropbox or any other external storage!!!


There basically are two ways to back up!

First one will be to create a virtual image also known as Snapshot. What this will do is that it will create a mirrored image of your entire disk and compress it, Then, store it to something like amazon glacier.

Other way is to set up synchronous cloning of all the active working directories. This will include a lot of manual work but will also save tens of gigabytes of overall space.

There is however no “standard” way of doing this. Every service provider provides a different type of command and control to the actual hardware.

In the most usual case, I’d recommend having a word with the tech support of your provider and ask them about their data retention policy, also ask them if they offer recovery in case of mirrored raids.

The approach that I personally take is to buy twice the storage I need (I meant physical disks) and then configure OS to set up RAID 1 (Mirroring) and then give my service provider the authority to replace disks in case of failure. This has proven very efficient so far to retain all of the data in some of the really worse case scenario.


I think this is better options for me. For 2 reasons.

  1. My website’s assets are hosted in offshore, thus I don’t really use much of spaces. I hardly use 30gb out of 120gb.
  2. I have Unlimited Google Drive storage, so I can stash unlimited amount of images.

Now, the question, what tool does it?


No tool is crafted to do it. Your Server Provider has to support an option to create and download Snapshots.


I highly doubt it.

I don’t believe they do. But I will take another look.


So, I just asked my hosting provider about backup services…

They’re asking $8/backup/month which is fucking ridiculous.


This looks promising…


This won’t help in case of a drive failure due to UUID mismatch.