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As we all know Kerala is suffering a major crisis. The half-area of the state is affected from a massive flood. There are thousands of peoples are stuck in flooded areas and a lot of peoples are homeless.

Some videos and snaps of the flooded areas :

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Kerala government is running a fundraising campaign, for helping the peoples stuck in the flooded areas and to give foods to the peoples in rescue camps.

Please donate whatever amount you can on the official website of Kerala government.

It will help a lot.

@orng please pin this thread globally.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Verma


You see pain of kerela but not of north east and kashmir? Such hypocrisy.


What is going in Kashmir and north east :anguished:


Same… NRC in north east and Porki’s in kashmir!


If I donate, what’s the guarantee that the money will actually go the victims instead of the pockets of bastard politicians.?


Valid point


Tried to donate but got this…


I hope those bastards won’t abuse the donation…


After watching the YouTube video, I could not help myself but…


Thanks a lot man. You’re really kind person.


@orng @itsbhanusharma Pin it for a month.


Yes please. @orng @itsbhanusharma @iambandanasaikia


This post will not be pinned for any reason. Nobody raised such a topic when there we’re floods in northeast, Maharashtra, bihar etc.

Nobody raised such a topic when there were floods in J&K

And the great donor @Harry if you really want your money to reach the right place, donate through:


Prime Minister’s

No. Thanks. I would rather burn my money rather fund to the son of a bitch so he can make a trip to a country next day…


This is probably the dumbest statement I have heard from you. It’s like punishing someone for someone else’s fault.

YES. No one raised a such topic, but someone did now, right? There is first time for everything…

This kind of dumb & stupid statement is really unexpected from such talented and smart person…

Anyway, it’s your forum, so pin it or not that completely your business. But for god sake, don’t state such dumb statements.


Take it this way:

I have my personal grudges from all the states of south :slight_smile:


I am glad that you’re helping the people out there in Kerala but if possible roll your eyes towards northeast , towards the villages of Assam. I see people posting pictures and praying for their lives, YouTubers are donating money through live streams . I see BBC doing telecast of Floods in Kerala but did any of them gave a damn towards us ? Except very few of them, people like you always ignore us . Aren’t we a part of DEMOCRATIC INDIA? I have got no grudges with people out here but then it hurts when people ignore us when we too face such kinda problems every year . Nobody donated money for ASSAM & J&K during floods why ?? Why such a bias ?


He’s not dumb plus he’s smart enough that’s why he smashed you with such a reply . I hope we’ll see if you donate money for other states too which suffers same problem every year . I admit that this is for the first time in the history of Kerala , same case happened in a district here in Assam. 1000’s of people lost their homes and livelihood. I dunno where you people were at that time


When did I say he is dumb? :thinking: What I wrote is this:

I don’t recall telling him, that he is dumb. But what I did say that it’s a dumb & stupid statement…

You probably misread it.

Indeed that is exactly why I wanted him to pin it for the first place…

I don’t remember, their govt asking for help in social media… (official twitter). Even if they did I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for them. But what I can promise is I will (has been) be there for every state in future if such disaster occurs. But I pray to God, that that day may never come.


That will be much better :blush: