Make SSH bulletproof, Set up Krypton


So What is Krypton?

krypton is a SSH manager application available on android, This makes your life much much easier when you have multiple servers to log in and it is straight too much to remember all of those passwords.

So How do we get started?

Download the Krypton app from your official appstore/play store using the link: (in your mobile browser)
Additionally, You can install the krypton U2F extension in browser to secure your social logins with 2FA:

:warning: You need to be using a Linux (64 bit) Operating system for the next steps!

Open Your SSH Terminal and enter the following command:

curl | sh

After that, run:

kr pair

You’ll be Greeted with a QR Code that you need to scan on your Krypton mobile app.
Once that’s done, It’ll give you a public key to add to your Server(s).

Simply add this key to your server using the following steps:

sudo -i
cd ~
nano .ssh/authorized_keys

Now simply paste Your public key and save the file. The next time you log in, it will prompt your phone to approve login.

It’s as simple as that.