Need Help accessing a site


Hi everyone,

I need to access a site through SFTP. The site can be accessed using VPN but not through my own IP.
I wonder how I can access it using Filezilla? I am seeing: Error: Network error: Connection timed out and Error:Could not connect to server

Any help would be appreciated?


First & foremost, try using your mobile hotspot or something similar. Then try to identify what is actually blocking the connection. If it is the website, try contacting them to whitelist your IP (if you have static) or your IP range (if you have dynamic) .

If it is your ISP try contacting them to allow access to that site.


I was able to access site some time back and just after it , It seems somehow the access got revoked.

Quite confusing for me why that is happening. The site is up though as I checked using online tools


Did You try an alternative ISP yet?
It can be possible that they’re geo-blocking India or just your ISP.


Not having one actually at this stage. I have access to their cloudflare and even if i am white listing my IP it seems not working to me


You can PM me the link I can confirm for my 3 ISPs


Done sir. Please check and revert :slight_smile:


I can confirm it works on:
My local ISP


Oh! Okay
Thanks for it . Let me see what I can do regarding same


Step #0- contact your ISP
Step #1- find a better ISP


I am using BSNL. I was able to access site for some time or say for some 1-2 seconds for a quick look. It is an fiverr order actually . Not sure why this shit happens with em


Maybe they’re just picky!
I don’t trust any PSU ISPs including BSNL, MTNL, Railwire etc. As they all have weird connectivity issues to some site or other.

For example, MTNL blocks &