New Vultr $3.5/Month Plan


Vultr has recently launched the IPv4 enabled version of it’s popular $2.5/mo Plan with a revised cost of $3.5/mo.all other specifications remain the same.

What are Your opinions? Is vultr trying to maximize their profits by doing so?


I dont know how many will be happy with 3.5 $ plan… beacause giving 1.5$ they would get more than 2x power for hosting a site…


Actually if one is a slightly advanced user they can get twice the power on OVH cloud as well. Only downside being it requires some setup and is prepaid.


Better to go with devcapsule


I think they would be expensive in most of the cases!


Sadly, Vultr has no any plan in India. :frowning:


They have options in Singapore which is Good enough for most use cases.

One use case that I won’t recommend using Singapore for Indian audience is to host a really intensive application which requires a lot of real time calibration. In which case, a 512MB VM won’t be of any use anyway.