[POLL] Do you want WordPress Tutorials for self hosted servers?



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June 15, 2018 4:30 PM (Europe: Paris), June 15, 2018 7:30 AM (America: Los Angeles)


cc @gauravk @Harry @gulshankumar


I said NO. Because 90% will break something or do something wrong.
Then they will stop writing content & spend time how to fix the problem.


If instructions are clear and they don’t really modify something in between then why would that happen? I don’t really understand the reason!


Oh boi. They’re gonna break something one way or the other. (believe me).
I can bet 50 bucks.


I believe You!

However, this place is actually intended for advanced users who are interested in taking back the control of their servers.
if some noob starts to whine about their server not working then it’s none of our business.


Oh. I thought you were talking about this place & HGK & SML too.

It’s inevitable. I can also name the first person who is gonna break their server. (he is also your close pal & the reason you disabled your PM. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’m only a part of HGK and will continue to help people there.
However, I’m not a part of SML and never plan to be a part of it either.


We can let some kids play in the backyard and fall.

I believe that people can recommend/advise about stuff. Doing it or not doing is your decision and after doing it, if you fail, you are responsible for it and not the other person who recommended it!

@itsbhanusharma What type of tutorials we are talking about here? Installing WordPress in LEMP Stack etc.?


That would be the very first tutorial but I was having a very interesting conversation with @gulshankumar so the next ones would be “how to add rules directly to nginx config to eliminate the need of optimizer and caching plugins” and so on so forth.

I may even introduce other CMSes if there is enough interest for something like Ghost or Django (maybe others too)


Have you ever used/tried Google Nginx pagespeed integration? That could speed up things?


Yes! Wasn’t much impressive though.

Definitely! but the overall effort included in compiling nginx from sources every single time that you want to update it introduces a lot of downtime and points of failure so I won’t personally recommend it. There can be a tutorial though but it will only come if enough people are interested in deploying it.


I don’t want to rely on plugins because I hate installing, updating, getting trap in any suprise bug and issues.

So, I want something own that I know what I am doing. This is where customisation comes in play. I love digging inside it.


That’s very much on point!


First tutorial is now Live: