[Q&A] Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver install topic!



Ubuntu 18.04 is now available for desktops and workstations looking towards a fresh install.

We’re taking this opportunity to answer Your questions regarding installation/configuration of Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver in a Personal Computer environment.

A very Good overview about what to expect.


Anybody wants LEMP on Ubuntu 18.04 tutorials?


Yes, I think we all need :slight_smile:


We’ll start from may 1 with in depth tutorials.


Please include the security aspect also with Let’s Encrypt SSL if possible. This will help us all in setting up our LEMP Stack WordPress Cloud VPS blog using the same tutorial. Thanks! :slight_smile:


We have that in the pipeline.


As of Today (August 19, 2018) All the systems running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS are able to receive the upgrade to 18.04 using the sudo do-release-upgrade option.


I think I’m gonna stick to 16.04 for another year or more. 18.04 doesn’t bring any nginx or apache speed improvements


Nginx performs 10% better on ubuntu 18.04 in our testing.