So it's saturday and I'm feeling like writing a tutorial!


Any ideas what the tutorial should be about? @Sakshamk117ue @iamHappy @Abhijeet ??


Can you write a tutorial on deploying WordPress on platforms like this -


Heroku would probably already have a wordpress image but let me tell you deploying on heroku is utterly waste of time (read what you get carefully).


Yes not for a permanent site just for testing.


So You’re telling me that You want to set up an overly complicated wordpress setup with postgres and cloudfront just because you want to test something? Well, are you from the 3rd world?


Okay drop that tut :grimacing:


See the amount of work required for what I’d consider deploying a “simple” wordpress setup on github!


Tutorial on SEO tags … that are must to be implemented … for any custom website to add in there markup.

  • facebook open graph tag + twitter cards tags


Have anyone here ever tried any angular JS CMS?
They must be more secure than WordPress but are they SEO friendly?


cms ? when it came ?


That is a Question for HGK because I’m not that good at SEO. maybe @Harry can help?

Both, facebook and twitter have documentation and tag generators available in their developer tools and hence using them is better than having a tutorial because your website may be classified incorrectly if you are not aware and just copy-paste tags from tutorial.


+1 I’m also not aware of it!


I am digging web now … for best practices then :slight_smile:


Buttercms cosmicjs bloomreach

I have never worked with these.
But I like the way Angular sites work but can google bots access the infinite scrolling sites?
If not then it is not good :thinking:


Answer will be NO that’s why infinite scroll isn’t considered good for SEO so you can customise the crawl behaviours using robots.txt and by feeding them data manually.


i guess no …

extra text data are fetched via Ajax … or we can load all data needed during first loading … then show it on user actions… but hiding lot of text can again bring google penalty … so its not good …

but may be if any platform is big enough … then google we take care of them by detecting CMS …

But still feel not so good for SEO


What are the options ?


Yes? :thinking: Like if you know some cool things which you think we don’t know… you can share those.


Maybe Redis persistent cache?


BDW people, You should really consider FreeBSD as your host OS if you’re looking for security.