So it's saturday and I'm feeling like writing a tutorial!


Something cool on this please :grinning:


Yes… Like if we can do some cool things with our routers. :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


There is a lot of “Cool” that you can do with your routers and ditch a lot of crap that you’re using. even prevent your stupid ISP from tracking your browsing history or making everything encrypted so that nobody can eavesdrop into your connection while you do “whatever”

Then, if your Router is ISP provided and you want a free upgrade to something that makes you feel like an expert, under 2k you can buy routers from a company called mikrotik which have enterprise DNA in a customer oriented price.


with a normal router … like Tp-link… or its brand specific ?


LOLs! Cannot believe Nginx website got broke with CSS. Is this for everyone?


What topics left in this

making your own nginx rules
nginx.conf optimization

i can’t think more than this … help me @itsbhanusharma


Routers are finnicky, they seem to name their settings weirdly. I can use the generic name and then you can figure out what it is called in your router, beware that not all routers are made equal and hence, there can be settings that are missing from your router.


this is live experimentation :smiley:
I always do this :stuck_out_tongue:

#29 is working fine here.


No the, .com website


approx all assets returning 403… they are playing with there cdn


Looks like someone is about to lose their Job! … They restricted access to all assets :smiley:




Already an ongoing topic is there.

That will be the case if you have exact questions, I’m always up for it.


@itsbhanusharma nope i meant this … are there any other topics to cover on nginx … than those 2 i mentioned above ?


nginx has a lot of potential. I can write how to use it as a load balancer but that won’t work with wordpress.


You know what, once the software architect of our team, took access of Production database in his laptop from the operations team for some R&D purpose!

They used have a list of commands in their edit plus, to delete the whole database for local database running purpose. He had both local MySQL terminal and Production MySQL terminal running in his laptop. So, instead of running those queries in the local MySQL database terminal, he run that in Production MySQL database terminal. Complete production database got deleted accidentally. Now, he cannot revert like Oracle etc. Nothing happened to him, as he is the father of the Product development of the company!


For such a disaster, I’d recommend exporting a dump of mysql before executing any commands. You will have a Known good option to save your butt in case that happens. I always do that.


Yeah, that’s what the operations team did finally. They take backup of all the products everyday!


this is why learning it … and making my server purely on nginx…

This will be grat … I will ask If i need this…

no problem … I learn lot when things are custom … nothing to learn on wordpress :unamused: