So it's saturday and I'm feeling like writing a tutorial!


Kindly write the next tutorial on creating docker containers :grinning:




Sorry got it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Can we get informational guide. On firebase…

Which addressess following things.

  • when we should use firebase instead of vps

  • is free plan of firebase sufficient powerful

  • about its scalability

  • is firebase application CDN supported

  • can we use cloudflare with it.

  • do you recommend it.


When You’re deploying a serverless application.

It’s only good for monitoring & tools nothing else. No production environment can survive on it.

It’s very highly scalable in all dimensions.

Those are accelerated by Google’s CDN already.

Will require a lot of advanced configuration.

Only if You want to sell your soul to Google.


@itsbhanusharma Is your OVH server healthy now ?

to perform benchmarks :thinking:


It’s doing okay with some swap memory and has passed all tests but marks were relatively lower than DO & Vultr. So if Your application isn’t much resource intensive I can write up instructions to make it doable.


Next time when you get time can you please write a tutorial on how to stop bot traffic with nginx block rules?


That’s really easy!

You can compile the list of most popular browsers and their latest version string and then use that list to create an allow from rule.


I bet you can’t stop me. :sunglasses:


What If I did?


You might slow me down but you can’t really stop a bot.

If someone wanna scrape you they’re gonna do it one way or other.


And what if I said we actually have the tech that can stop all unauthorized scraping and it is really simple to implement?


Maybe you have but are you sure some bot not scraping you…?


Some bot not scraping me?
I haven’t implemented anything on this forum or any other public facing sites.


Sending bots to your site lol :sunglasses: