The future of ORNG discourse?


Hi everyone!

It had took me a lot of time to convince myself to write this topic as I’ve been in a very firm denial of the situations going around.

As some of You may already know that ORNG has been now spun off from it’s parent organizations and so am I. I’ve decided to move ahead with the ORNG brand and transform it into something productive. However, due to me being the only person driving the whole Imagine-Execute-Deploy thing for the last couple of months, it has severely degraded my quality of life, Quality of writing and the overall engagement that I’ve expected to generate through this forum.

There were a lot of you who had requested this forum to be made public and some other changes that may help drive the growth of audience but that has not been the case and we have seen 0 new registrations since the day this forum went public.

I think it is time to take a call! I ask you all to decide if we should go private once again and just concentrate on solving each other’s challenges or are there ways to actually materialize the cost of operations?
I’ve known for reasons that advertising isn’t the route that I’m willing to take so please don’t suggest that.

The second thing is collaboration! As almost every single person on this forum is having an upper hand in programming language of some sorts or maybe is in advanced stages of learning, I want to start a mass collaborative project in a public domain and request you all to contribute to the same. Please suggest what kind of tool can we start working upon?

Any other ideas? Please write them below!


I would like to suggest few things… but as per my past experience you won’t agree, but still like to tell,

  1. Have some more unique tutorials related to your expertise come up in this forum. Tutorials on security etc., you can do a little research to find. For example, what is is doing. You can give the same for free for a start.
  2. I know you don’t want to advertise but in this world, if you need to move a little bit up, you need to advertise at start little bit. Why Gulshan forum grow, bcoz people already knew him from SML, so most of the people migrated. In our case, we don’t have something like that, what else one can do? After people migrated to HGK, he kept making nice tutorials on a regular basis. I think Linux is far greater than only knowing set up a website.
  3. As per what I think, if you make it private again, then you are inviting more trouble!

Good Luck Dude! :slight_smile:


I agree with the first two:

  1. Yes, I’m planning to write more linux tutorials but sadly due to multiple reasons don’t get time. I’m mostly occupied with work and because this is a new business and I’m the only person handling everything, I’m kinda screwed.
  2. I’m okay with advertising but there are budget constraints.
  3. We haven’t had any new registration since this forum went public so how do you think going private will cause trouble?


I do understand, it is not easy, even I am not getting time to work on my blog. Keep trying. Give me the reason, why making forum private will start giving new registration? Bcoz it did before? I don’t think so… Your choice dude!


I’m not saying it will grant me more “users” what it would actually do is stop anons from freely copying or viewing the content we share on this forum and keep it all contained. It also gives us more control over who gets to see what (even the search engines). Keeping it public without the intended benefit we’re just giving away our privacy and I don’t like to compromise anyone’s privacy.


Can you explain it, what are you expecting?


Build a Project with contribution from all and then distribute it!


Sounds good to me


Keeping private forum is better… there are many open forums available but not private ones. :grin:


any idea.? . we r talking on b2b project or consumer focused project.


If we’re working for profit then B2B is the way to go because enterprise are the only customers (businesses) with pockets deep enough to pay for any software. To compel the customers, it’s going to be a real challenge to get them on board if we are making a licensing deal which involves them paying us (plus there will be a lot of piracy and unauthorized distribution).


agree with all the points…

contribution via bitbucket, github?

how we gonna track progress and everyones contributions… because morale goes down if someone is not dedicated enough…


Planning on either of these:

  1. Private Github Repo
  2. Self hosted Gitlab

Can work on either but option 2 appeals me because of the control it offers.


BTW I am looking for some platform where I can keep my code but it must be private like github pro but free any suggestions?


Self host gitlab


Oh so I still have to pay for the hosting :yum:


Creating something good with a team would be the best idea.