Urgent help to resolve DNS in ubuntu 14.04



I have website at server using ubuntu 14.04.
I use an API to fetch some data, however API provider has changed DNS and NS and now I am not able to access the link through my server.
How do I flush DNS or NS and update so that server does not call old DNS records.


that would really depend on your server how it handles dns but simplest solution will be to just restart your network manager (if you don’t have one installed then just reboot the server) that should fix everything at the easiest.

Also, consider using faster DNS resolver like


Thanks but that does not seem to be issue.
Server resolving correct IP.

Now I have even a bigger problem in hand.

It seems my Python is not accepting the SSL certificate of API provider.
SSL handshake error.

I am further analysing issue.

For time being have routed the API call through localhost.

I have option either to upgrade Python to 2.7.10 from current 2.7.6 but not sure if that would solve issue.

Further tried upgrading but Digitalocean one click application is pain in ass to upgrade.

Never use their one click application if you are expert at server setup. People like me chose one click application and have to compromise with whatever comes pre installed.


Do You need a set up tutorial??


yes need setup tutorial

nginx, python with postgres db

and also

nginx, php with postgres db.


Both tutorials will be live within 3 days.