User welcome megatopic! Welcome everyone!



Hello everyone!

This topic will tag every new user that signs up on our forum as our way to say them Welcome!
Please take some time to introduce yourself in a comment below.

Have Great time hanging around.



You all are the very first members outside of our internal testers group.
Please Do not use this platform as a means of spreading hatred or violence. Be polite and humble to everyone else.

Also, in case You need any assistance regarding anything. You can always mention the Mods @orng
Our community advocate is @iambandanasaikia


As many of you are from Please do not consider this platform as an alternative means of reaching out. Our primary focus will be to interact there as much as possible. Here is reserved for advanced Queries and opinions to be discussed with Developers.

I’ll remain equally available on HGK.

As a means of gratitude, I’m assigining mod to @gulshankumar because he deserves it. Although, there are still things that we need to figure out as we do not restrict or censor anything here.


Thanks for the warm welcome, and feeling of great esteem.


Let’s welcome


Welcome to orng


Thanks For the Welcome @orng Team.


Welcome @Pulkit-Sharma to the forum






Thank you!




Welcome @iamHappy


Thank you @orng




Welcome @SenpaiMass


Welcome @Lynx


Welcome @gumboy