VARCHAR row limit in MYSQL



VARCHAR has a rowlimit of 65k.

Does it mean that if my list grows, I can’t store more than 65k?
Am I correct…?

I wanna store 150k urls

I am NOOB in SQL. So, pardon me…


You can store 65k var-chars every row
Not that you can’t store more than 65k rows.


I’m sorry what…? like I said I’m fucking noob.


In a single row You can add up to 65k characters. So a url with 65,000 characters will be accepted.



Before Mysql version 5.0.3 Varchar datatype can store 255 character, but from 5.0.3 it can be store 65,535 characters . BUT it has a limitation of maximum row size of 65,535 bytes . It means including all columns it must not be more than 65,535 bytes


Can you explain row limit and length limit…?



And if you (Technically) just want to store the URLs in that table, those can be 65,000 Characters long.

Row Limit: Limit applied to a particular Row across all columns
Length Limit: Limit applied to a particular cell in the table.


Fantastic… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: