Where phpmyadmin saves transactional log?


I neeed to see trasactional log

I am testing delete operation on 1M records… On 10M records table.

Most probably I will use delete in chunks…

But i neend to test how these deletion affect transactional logs…


this is what i am seeing in phpmyadmin

Status -> Monitor -> Instructions/Setups


so by default

  • slow_query_log
  • general_log

are disabled…

Is that means database is not writing any log ?


I’m not sure what You’re trying to achieve but that seems more likely something that’ll be logged at mysql’s side.


and that will ultimately take large storage just for transaction logs…


i am thinking to do delete operation in patches like 10,000 records at a time

then 1minute break

then 10,000 delets and so on


these logging are disabled … so i guess mysql must be only logging error logging…

and not the transaction logging…


this is what i am trying to do http://mysql.rjweb.org/doc.php/deletebig#deleting_in_chunks

hope u get idea now…


What does it have to do with logging?


suppose i run a query to delete 1M records without any limiting …

then it could crash my server .
i have seen a video on youtube where … log file size gone to 3 GB when he deleted 5.5M records

and i dont want to put my service in maintenance mode just to delete old records

that youtube video was on Mysql workbench and not on phpmyadmin…

skip to 11:40


I’ll do some testing tomorrow morning and get back to You.